What Kind of Problems Companies Face While Doing High-Volume Recruitment?

When employee’s requirement in a reputed firm in Dubai picked up, the Owner directed his HR team to conduct mass interviews and initiate high-volume recruitment.

While initially, everything appeared to be sorted, the cracks started appearing after a couple of weeks.

Resumes of thousands of potential candidates hit the inbox, and the HR team was in a fix. A chunk of their time was spent reading each resume, and the small size of the team didn’t help matters.

Visibly worried Owner was looking forward to solutions when he received a call from his school Friend.

Friend: Good Morning! How are you?

Owner: Good morning Friend, I am good. How are you?

Friend: I am good. However, you seem to be a bit tensed. Is everything okay?

Owner: Yes, everything is okay otherwise, except for business.

Friend: I will be glad if you can share the problem with me, and possibly I could help you out.

Owner: I am looking to augment my hiring process and have directed my HR team to hire bulk candidates, but with so many resumes to browse from, the task is getting tedious.

Friend: You see friend, this is one of the major problems with high-volume recruitment. It’s a time-consuming process. With thousands of applicants, it’s hard to review each resume effectively, and there’s a chance that you will miss out on the best candidate for the job. The level of difficulty goes up if you are trying to recruit for a single position.

Owner: Exactly brother. Also, it’s taking a long time to hire.

Friend: It will befriend. With high-volume recruitment, a candidate’s evaluation step considerably lengthens. I am sure your HR team must be finding it difficult to gauge as to advance whose candidature, leading to more screening calls.

Owner: Yes. What I thought would be over in a few days hasn’t been completed even after a month. Apart from phone screening, we also need to conduct in-person interviews, and I fear that the process would increase my cost per hire exponentially.

Friend: It will. With high-volume recruitment, your cost per hire will shoot up as expense includes just more than the salary. You need to consider the cost of posting on various job portals, reviewing, and screening candidates.

Owner: That’s what. Already business has taken a hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company’s finances are under stress, and an increase in cost per hire is not desirable. What’s the way out?

Friend: I strongly feel you should look forward to rope in the services of recruitment companies in the UAE who have experience in conducting bulk recruitments. Such companies have large teams and are technologically well-equipped to browse thousands of resumes at short notice, set-up interviews, and hire.

Owner: Sounds interesting. What other advantages will I get?

Friend: Some of the reputed recruitment agencies in the UAE also help you re-engineer employee benefits and even provide contractual employees as per your needs. They can also help you with the legal aspects of recruitment.

Owner: Thanks a ton Friend for your help. I will immediately seek the services of such a firm. Thanks again.

Friend: You are welcome. Bye and take care.

Owner: Bye!

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