4 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Job Search

How to Effectively Use LinkedIn for Job Search?

With more than 700 million users in more than 200 countries worldwide, LinkedIn is one of the top professional social networking sites.

Used primarily to connect with professionals across domains, LinkedIn is also an excellent platform for searching for jobs with several companies and recruiters actively using it to bring the best talent on-board.

So, how can you, as a job seeker, use this platform for searching your dream job? Let’s find out.

Craft a Comprehensive LinkedIn Profile

The first step towards bagging a job on LinkedIn is to create a comprehensive profile. There are certain principles that you must follow while creating a profile on this social networking site. Make sure your profile is complete with a background image, headline, and photo, among others.

Highlight your experience and education and show your accomplishments and skills that you bring on the table to attract potential employers. Optimize your profile to attract recruiters and most importantly keep it updated.

According to Husain Mubarak, working with one of the top recruitment firms in the UAE, “With an updated profile, job seekers have greater chances of having higher-profile views and thus landing in the job you seek. Recruiters are more likely to interact with professionals with an updated profile.”

Build a Targeted Network

While LinkedIn is all about strengthening your professional network, it’s essential to build a targeted network. You need to connect with others to know them. So, which people should you connect on your LinkedIn network?

Divide your connections into three tiers – tier I, tier II, and Tier III. In tier I, you can connect with your former colleagues, while in tier II you can connect with peers who are in the same profession and industry. Tier III connections may comprise decision-makers, influencers, or probably people in whose company you are willing to work.

Also, follow companies you want to work for to know about job openings and apply in relevant positions.

Get Recommendations and Endorsements

Testimonials in the form of recommendations and endorsement of your skills go a long way in a job search on LinkedIn. You can ask your current or former employer for them as they add credibility to your profile.

In the words of S. V. Murugan, heading one of the top HR companies in Dubai, “Endorsement from people with whom you have worked helps your profile stand out from the rest. It assures potential recruiters that they are hiring the right candidate for their organization. At the same time, it’s vital to keep interacting with connections, like and share their posts to foster a strong relationship.”

Join Relevant LinkedIn Job Groups

Another prudent way to look for a job search on LinkedIn is to join relevant job groups. When you do so, you get to know about the openings available in various domains and organizations.

This also strengthens your professional network and gives you exposure to newer avenues and opportunities to cash in. Make sure you follow the rules of the group to avoid getting banned.

In Conclusion

While these hacks can help you in your job search, make sure to adopt a personalized approach with your connections. Have an engaging feed of posts and comments to ensure success.