Job Openings

  • Warehouse Assistant

    Location : Dubai Experience in years : 2 to 5 20-10-2020

    Organizing and delegation of all activities performed in the warehouse Providing the setup layout and management of space Ensuring that items are placed on shelves racks according to their types and sizes Loading and Unloading of Goods Responsible for the security of the stock and the warehouse The reports include an inventory of stocks, deadstock, consumption, and manpower Responsible for maintaining reports pertaining to the warehouse Receiving and sorting packages Goods Packing, Picking and Labelling the Goods Ensure inventory is processed, organized, and maintained properly The executive also needs to research to improve overall operations Skills Requirement: Nationality: Indian, Pakistani, Nepali & Filipinos Gender: Male Should be able to Speak, read & write English Location: Dubai

  • Commissioning Engineer

    Location : Dubai Experience in years : 8 to 10 17-10-2020

    ?Support planning for pre-commissioning and commissioning testing from installation through to project completion in order to meet an established deadline. ?Take the lead to ensure all components are identified and commissioned/tested in a safe and timely manner. ?Identify installation issues during commissioning/testing to ensure that equipment is placed in service without risk. ?Perform the test activities of the generators packages including all the subsystems such as fuel systems, AUX DB, Modbus communication interface with customer’s BMS, etc. ?Ensure that finalized documentation is issued to customers and company organization. ?Support correspondence for the projects, to ensure that the appropriate action is taken.

  • Facility Manager

    Location : Dubai Experience in years : 10 to 20 17-10-2020

    1.Plan and coordinate all installations (telecommunications, heat, electricity etc.) and refurbishments 2.Oversees building and grounds maintenance. 3.Operates and maintains custodial functions. 4.Ensures security and emergency preparedness procedures are implemented properly. 5.Ensures that the facility is clean and maintained according to company policy and procedures. 6.Oversees and supervises the quality of work for other employees to ensure that all tasks are performed correctly, efficiently, and effectively. 7.Manage the upkeep of equipment and supplies to meet health and safety standards 8.Inspect buildings’ structures to determine the need for repairs or renovations 9.Review utilities consumption and strive to minimize costs 10.Supervise all staff facilities staff (custodians, technicians, groundskeepers etc.) and external contractors 11.Control activities like parking space allocation, waste disposal, building security etc. 12.Allocate office space according to needs 13.Handle insurance plans and service contracts

  • MIG Welder

    Location : Dubai Experience in years : 2 to 5 17-10-2020

    1.Selecting, measuring, cutting, and joining appropriate metals to specifications. 2.Preparing metals and work surfaces to ensure safe and effective assemblage. 3.Interpreting specifications and blueprints accurately. 4.Regularly cleaning and inspecting welding equipment and tools. 5.Determining correct gas ratios. 6.Testing the strength of each join during and after project completion. 7.Diagnosing issues and troubleshooting as required. Immediat Joiners required Visit or cancelled visa holders can apply

  • AutoCad Engineer

    Location : Dubai Experience in years : 5 to 10 17-10-2020

    DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES : ?Use the latest version of AutoCAD to prepare design drawings with plan, profile, section and detail views as designated by the engineering team ?Prepare sketches of details not included on existing drawings to accurately reflect as-installed field conditions ?Prepare drawings, forms, and lists based on direction provided by Application / Project Engineer ?Create pipeline alignment sheets, exhibits and permit drawings used to construct pipeline projects. ?Visualize the project installation and provide quality control for practicality and constructability of designs ?Maintain excellent project communication with continuously changing tools and processes ?Provide accurate time estimates to complete assigned tasks ?Complete job summary and construction notes for review by project engineers / Application Engineer ?Prepare exhibits for planning/permitting purposes ?Meet required deadlines and exceed client expectations ?Work closely with other workgroups ?Has previous experience in Diesel and gas generator design and power plant ?Has previous experience in Turn key projects   EXPECTED OUTCOMES: ?Assignments are completed accurately and on time. ?Project Engineer and Application Engineer are kept informed of progress and potential obstacles. ?Innovation and quality standards are practiced. ?Cooperation, collaboration, and teamwork behaviors practiced. ?Designs come out clean and concise to meet each cliens codes and standards. ?Each individual project is managed efficiently and effectively.

  • Travel & Facility Assistant

    Location : Dubai Experience in years : 2 to 5 17-10-2020

    • Under husband or spouse’s sponsorship • has experience in managing contractors • has experience in admin and travel coordination • has experience in operations job • quick learner • with 5 years experience • very good communication skills